Fuerteventura Map

Welcome to the Fuerteventura Map. To make full use of it here are some features and tips:

Fuerteventura Town & Street Finder
street-finderThe Fuerteventura Town Finder on this page is preset to search for towns in Fuerteventura.

In other words, all you'd need to type to find e.g 'Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain' would simply be 'corralejo'.

Subsequently and similarly - to find a street in the town you've selected, just type its name.
Fuerteventura Photos
map-photosWhen you initially click on the Fuerteventura Photos button the map will be strewn with little pics wherever they were taken.Click on them for an enlargement.

You can filter the photos using the filter box by typing in eg 'windmill'. Only photos tagged with 'windmill' will then be shown.
Share Your Location
locationUsing this feature you can easily make your own marker for use on other sites. When you place and name your marker you will be presented with several options:

Long URL: This links to this page but includes and is centred on your marker.
Short URL: This is a much shorter link which is ideal for use in Twitter or other places where space is at a premium.
iFrame for Your Site: This is HTML iFrame code which you can embed in your own site. The content just includes the dynamic map and your marker.
qr-codeQR Code: This works with smartphones taking them to this page with your marker. Ideal for printed matter e.g. Business Cards or Adverts.

Fuerteventura-Forum.com Links: In association with our sister site Fuerteventura-Forum.com we have a couple of links specific to that site: Forum Text Link and the Embed Map iFrame in Forum link which shows a smaller interactive map showing your location in your post. This may be pasted in your Fuerteventura Forum posts.
Get Directions
directionsYou can select any Fuerteventura places from the dropdowns to be given the route for Driving or Walking.
A 'Via' waypoint may be optionally selected.
The 'Print Map & Directions' button will print just the map, route and written directions.
Fuerteventura Map Places of Interest
Simply mouseover the places of interest and the map will show you where they are. Clicking on the links will leave the marker on the map. We hope you will help add to the list by using the comments box at the foot of this page to let us know of others that you know.

Town & Street Finder

Share Your Location   
Zoom in for accuracy, Drag to the exact location, zoom out to preferred level - Rename - change to Satellite, if you wish, -Copy any of the links below to pass on your location.

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Copy & paste the link from the textbox below to Fuerteventura-Forum and it will appear as:

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Copy & paste the link from the textbox below to show your location on a simplified map in your Fuerteventura-Forum post.

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Please add any Fuerteventura Places of Interest

If you know of the location of any places of interest in Fuerteventura please use the "Share Your Location" link and copy the long or short url and enter it in the comments box below.

We'll periodically update the links at the top with your links.

Thanks for your help.